We have a two fer of newsprint film ads ‘zines that I put together… Get them here on this page, download to read on screen or PRINT!

First is Sleazy Staunton: The Amazing Cut & Paste Newsprint Film Ads of The Staunton News-Leader 1969-1972… a collection of house ads that I found simply beautiful, basically horror/cult/adult films.

8 1/2 x 11 inches 14 pages

Download it here: Sleazy Staunton one-shot Feb 2020

Next is San Francisco Sleaze! #1 :” The Horror of It All!” a collection of Horror film ads from the San Francisco area 1965-75. Basic but you get an idea what went on. Issues #2 (adult film ads) and #3 (cult/exploitation ads) out in the next couple of months

8 1/2 x 11 inches 18 pages

Download it here: San Francisco Sleaze! #1 “The Horror of it All” Feb 2020

Keep creating! Never defeated 2020 c.e.!

Room 37: The Mysterious Death of Johnny Thunders (2019) film thoughts…

While searching on Tubi for another film that had “37” in the title, I came across this instead and realized I actually been wanting to see it. This is not a biopic or even near “truth” but since Johnny Thunders death was a bit of a mystery, the filmmakers both can pay reverence and take liberties at the same time. In the hands of the less adept, this could be disastrous but from frame one, I was all in. Thunders arrives in New Orleans with a bag full of cash, methadone and a “new” outlook on life. As with most addicts, going it alone doesn’t really work and he finds out all to well…it isn’t going to for him.

What I really liked was how the filmmakers mixed the paranoia with horror to keep you on your toes while watching this. Leo Ramsey plays Thunders to the hilt, he has the shakes and delusions of a junkie down. You never know what is really or not throughout. Is Thunders really seeing Death around every corner?

On a technical level, it is top notch. It has that great murky, modern blown out look (which reminded my of Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem at times, esp. in the hotel Thunders is staying in). There is an attention to detail that is amazing and the soundscape played throughout is jarring and nerve wracking.

I went in not knowing what to expect. I just knew the man and his music. Room 37 does something different here and that is what I want to see. A strong effort. Looking forward to see what The Cordero Brothers do next.

9/10 on the Fiend ‘O’ Meter


Girls, Guns & Gangsters: an ASIAN CINEMA TAKEOUT fanzine OUT NOW!

act bootleg cover 2020

Well, peeps…here is the latest fanzine I have done. This time out a collaboration with Jesse Midnitekrawlr called Girls, Guns & Gangsters! A graphic collection of sleazy Asian Cinema newsprint ads from the late 60’s to early 70’s. There is also some photos and other graphics to boot. Hit the link below for a FREE print friendly PDF (8 1/2 x 11/20 pgs)

Girls, Guns & Gangsters!

Coming soon! San Francisco Sleaze #1: the Horror of it All! and Kitten On Wheels: a look at the classic film BORN LOSERS!

FIENDISH II needs genre film writers/contributors!!


Hey peeps! It is that time again to release a multi writer horror/cult/exploitation fanzine unto the world! I am looking for people to contribute articles for this, so read below:

FIENDISH II is looking for long form articles of the horror, cult and exploitation film variety. Any level of writing (pro/amateur) is encouraged. I do all the ‘zine layouts.

Long form film reviews

Film essays

Old forgotten blog posts you would like to see light again

New writing which has been already published online is ok


Please send me the link or your writing in .doc/text form (along with images you might want to be included) to: with FIENDISH II in the subject line

This is an unpaid venture, just for fun. All contributors will get a paper copy in the mail for their efforts. FIENDISH II will be distributed on line (like all of my other ‘zine projects) when released. Any questions, please ask thru e-mail and/or look me up on line.

I want to release by June 2020, so get those articles in! -Sincerely, Dave K aka A FIEND ON FILM

See below the link for the previous edition.

FIENDISH issue one 2017