As promised….FIENDISH 2 is here!

54 pages 8 1/2 x 11 Black and White

The contributors are as follows:

Philip Perron
Christopher Bickel
Danni Winn
Psycho Gnostic
Rev. Terry
Paul Mcvay
Robert Freese
Rob Talbot
Jonny Numb
Alexandra Heller-Nicholas
Bill Van Ryn
John Leavengood
Michael E. Wilson
G.G. Graham
Benjamin Mero
Angela Jane Magy
Elwood Jones
Jesse Midnitekrawlr

Thanks to all for helping me with this project!

Print copies are only for the contributors and FIENDISH 2 is not for sale BUT you can download a printable copy or read on screen!

Download FIENDISH 2 HERE!!!

FIENDISH 2 one-shot June 2020



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