A You Tube video by yours truly??

I made a video last night taking about the Tampa Bay Screams Convention & The Hara-Kiri Extreme Asian Films Fanzine. There is a reason I don’t really do videos anymore, you’ll see!


EXAFM 2016: The PRINT edition/PDF Version for download!!

If you follow this blog, you know I was doing a film event for extreme Asian films in the month of July. The end result was to be a printed fanzine with all of the reviews that were written in it. I have completed that phase of it. There will be few printed by me, mostly for the contributors and for conventions that I will be attending this month. You can download the PDF for free and print as many as you want (or just read it on screen…). Please spread the link around so all can see it! Download it today!

Hara Kiri Extreme Asian Films one shot 2016 PDF


REVIEW: ABC’s of Death 2.5 (2016)

ABC’s Of Death 2.5 (2016) film thoughts… (Way) back in 2013, the people creating the ABC’s of Death 2, opened a short film competition for a director to be the letter “M” in the film. They received hundreds of entries, opening it up to open voting and a jury pool to decide the “M” for the movie. The winning choice of “M is for Masticate” for me, was a weak pick considering some of the stronger entries. Thankfully, they had the idea to put together another film to showcase some of the other very strong short films.

Since I was following the entries at the time, I did see some of them and “M is for Mailbox” by Dante Vescio & Rodrigo Gasparini & “M is for Matador” by Gigi Saul Guerrero were ones people really liked at the time. Some of my favorite entries here that I didn’t see before are “M is for Marriage” by Todd E. Freeman, “M is for Marauder” by Steve Daniels and “M is for Malnutrition” by Peter Czikrai. I am actually mind blown though that one of my favorites of the competition, “M is for Music” by L Gustavo Cooper, didn’t make it in here. Overall, the only short here I didn’t feel belonged was the first one, “M is for Magnetic Tape” by Tim Rutherford & Cody Kennedy (not that it was low quality, it was just not serious enough for me).

The ABC’s of Death 2.5 is a solid horror anthology that is currently only available on Vimeo for purchase or rent. I do hope they get this out on disc as I would love to own the physical copy & put it next to volume 2 (I didn’t care for the first collection, thought it was way too jokey and will never own it). I really feel that competition breeds excellence, gets you out there to do your best and create something interesting. I can’t imagine the turmoil that the producers had to go through to pick only 26 shorts out of 500+ to include in this film. It had to be tough, there is plenty of talent here. We definitely need more anthologies like this to promote film makers.