A Fiend On Film’s HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 2016 is OUT! 10/31/16

My Halloween Special is up on You Tube! Go check it out and see what you are NOT missing! 😉



COEURS NOIRS film event coming November 1st! Writers wanted!

Hey peeps! A Fiend On Film here officially announcing the COEURS NOIRS (Black Hearts) film event on this humble page. Last July (2015), I did my own event called 30 Noir Films in 31 Days. Where I watched 31 film noirs that I have not seen and wrote my thoughts on them. 30 Noir Films in 31 Days <———–see that here.

Now I’m doing another event, which I am expanding the event to other writers/reviewers and expanding the film list to neo noir too. DO YOU WANT TO GET INVOLVED? Hmmm.. it’s simple. Just pick a film off one of these lists from Wikipedia (I am trying to keep this simple, if it’s on these lists, you can write about them, I will not nitpick nor do I expect you too). Just write your thoughts on a film (or two or three) and send them to me at Grandnagus69@yahoo.com with Coeurs Noirs in the subject line.

Film Noir List

Neo-Noir film list

All skill levels of writing desired, length not important, a paragraph is better than silence. This is a “for fun” project, all for the love of film noir and it’s off-shoots. It can be films you have never seen before (all the ones I choose will be), something you have already written about (if you have a dead blog somewhere, you send the text) or if you wrote a piece on film noir itself or an actor/actress involved, that is cool too.

Each day in November, I will posting a main review (from me) and others (depending on the response). I will also be posting links to other blogs, posting photos etc. The event will end on November 30th 2016 and if all goes well, a fanzine of this event will be released in January 2017 (as a downloadable PDF). So get in touch. I can be found on a few social media sites, but contacting through e-mail is best.


-Dave K. aka A Fiend On Filmcoeurs-noirs-2coeurs-noirs-3coeurs-noirs-4coeurs-noirs-6coeurs-noirs-9coeurs-noirs-12


I am working on a short video production for the Halloween season and I am looking for you to take part! Just make a very short video (no more than 2 minutes in length!) of one of the below:

Make a short Horror Film Review video, could be something you have always loved or something you have recently seen.


Make a short video of a Halloween nature. Could be you in costume, make up tutorial, etc… pretty much anything use your imagination.


I am looking for very short trailers for your upcoming horror film  as bumpers/”commercials”.

Upload your video to You Tube as “unlisted” and send me the link, so I can download it for editing. If you don’t have a You tube account, we will figure out how you can get the video to me. Since the finished video “special” will be uploaded to You Tube, please avoid using any copyrighted material or anything in your videos that can get us flagged.

I need your video by October 27th 2016! The “special” will be uploaded by Halloween!

One last thing: This “special” will be done in the style of one of my video projects called The Horror Element Show. It is to be presented in Black and White. You do not have to make your video in B & W as I will be doing all the processing and editing later.

This may very well be the last thing I do on You Tube so I want it to be big! Please contact me at: Grandnagus69@yahoo.com or DM me on Facebook (if you have an account there, you know me already) and also on Twitter @AFiendOnFilm. Any questions just ask!

-Dave K./A Fiend On Film