REVIEW: 13 Dolls In Darkness (2017) Directed by Zeda Muller

Let’s just start out by saying that the recent indie horror scene has quite a few gems out there, but it’s littered with so much crap that it’s hard to find anything worthwhile.People who know me, know I don’t hold back from saying if something is not good. My FB Messenger popped up the other day with a message from the film’s director asking if I wanted to see 13 Dolls In Darkness. As I have been wanting to, since all the poster art and trailer has been intriguing as hell, I say said yes, immediately.


Getting right to it, 13 Dolls in Darkness is one of the best indie horror films I have ever seen. It’s mostly for the tech and effort angle but also for the bold idea behind it. For a low budget film (very LOW), the amount of shots and edits in it… eclipses most films that have seemingly endless budgets. Oh and that opening title sequence…………..

The big selling point is it is a silent film and it’s filmed like it’s on old falling apart nitrate stock that is about to burn up as it goes through the projector. Think like you are watching a film from 1916 (at the proper speed) and you get the idea. (complete with dialogue cards to move the story around…) Every frame is blown out and flickers. Some might get turned off to this but stick with it and you don’t even notice after a while.


The plot is simple. A lady gets a message from her mother that she is dying and to “come home right away”. She does and an “event” happens and people comes looking for her. A million films are like this right? But none are executed in this fashion and that is why it is so solid a movie. There are so many horror tropes hitting your brain every sequence, why does it seem so fresh? Is this a slasher? A giallo? An “old dark house” film? All of those and none of it. It’s like Zeda squeezed dozens of ideas from horror films between the 60’s through the 80’s through a food processor, poured in a lot of black and white and out came 13 Dolls of Darkness. (I found it humorous that one of the girls in the film is dressed like it’s 1982…) Loads of death, dismemberment and gore too.

Getting back to the tech of 13 Dolls In Darkness. While the low budget bleeds through along the edges, the masterful editing and presentation elevates it to another level. I can only imagine how much time went into cutting this and putting it all together. Makes other filmmakers look lazy by comparison. So much style and heart is in this.

I feel very strongly about this movie. If I had the money to start up my own Bluray/DVD releasing company, I would be so into putting it out. Somebody has too.

Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10



Films I Watched in 2018: NEW BREED DOCUMENTARY (2018)

Films I Watched in 2018: NEW BREED DOCUMENTARY (2018)

In the mid 1980’s, when I first started to get actively involved in the NYC hardcore/punk scene, one of the things I did was organize a couple of cassette tape compilations called “Live It Live” (parts 1 and 2 respectively), they were culled from donated live recordings from bands around the world, including some local bands. They got around but in the grand scheme of things, it went nowhere and the tapes were quickly forgotten. It did help me get my “foot in the door” so to speak and people started to know me through that. There have been hundreds (maybe thousands) of tape compilations around the world from the punk rock/hardcore world of the 1980’s but none are more famous than the NEW BREED tape comp that Freddy Alva and Chaka Malik put out in the 1989. If the “tape comp” was going to go the way of the dodo, it went out with a loud bang!

I have been lucky enough to be given an advance screening of my long time buds, John Woods and Freddy Alva‘s documentary on the NEW BREED cassette compilation. It has
been in the works for a very long time. The subject matter is one I am very familiar with as I was there when it first came out. The documentary talks to a few people connected to the bands on the tape and others from the scene at the time who where highly influenced by it. Since I knew about 80% of the people in the documentary personally, I wasn’t really surprised by the answers, their memories were pretty sharp. I really liked how the filmmakers cut in a ton of footage from places that were important to the scene that do not exist anymore, like See Hear (important fanzine/small press shop) and Some Records (probably the most important record store to ever exist). Haven’t
seen or thought about much of it in years. The film quality is low budget but hey it’s about punk rock, screw it. It’s what is in that counts.

All in all, this is another fine and important look into a music past that can’t be recaptured, only appreciated. On Saturday May 19th, there will be a screening out in Los Angeles with the filmmakers in attendance. Link is below. Hopefully, they will release this soon for the general consumption.

Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10


My thoughts on THE GODFATHERS OF HARDCORE (2018) documentary directed by Ian McFarland

When I started seriously hanging out and around the hardcore & punk scenes of NYC in the summer of 1985, it was in the middle of a lull so to speak between two eras of hardcore music. Pre -1985 was when much of the classic NYHC music would be made. Bands like The Abused, Antidote, The Mob were pretty much history at that point though a few would rise up, still maintaining a presence while the next generation of bands would steamroller through and bring NYHC to a more international awareness. Agnostic Front were one of the original bands that started in, at the time, the small hardcore music scene that came from the Lower East Side/Alphabet City area of NYC. In the early 1980’s, they would record the pretty much instant classics: The United Blood Ep (1983) and Victim in Pain (1984). By the time I came around, they were considered mandatory records to have in your collection. I loved them for their sheer aggression, cryptic but relevant lyrics and they were great records to play loud & really annoy your neighbors.

Controversy though would soon follow Agnostic Front in subsequent years, mostly imagined up by the scene at large. The cover of the original pressings of Victim In Pain featured a graphic image from a WW2 execution of a peasant Jew by an SS Officer. This lead to a call that they were “racist”, “fascist”, etc… Later when it was reissued on a larger label with a plain black cover, some called it censorship (myself included) but it was a decision by the band, not the label which was originally thought. With the release of Cause for Alarm (1986), since the sound was “different” than the previously releases, cries of “AF went metal” were heard all over. (While I didn’t like that particular album back then, a much later in life reassessment of it shows it’s pretty good and not much of a departure…) Maximum Rock N Roll, the biggest punk fanzine at the time, lambasted them at any given moment. Agnostic Front never could get a break.

I bring all this up because I recently found out that a documentary film about Agnostic Front was made and I was asked to come to a screening here in Atlanta. As I thought about it, “I am surprised this wasn’t done sooner”. I went down with high interest and to see what would be brought to light. The film basically follows the two core members, founder Vinnie Stigma and singer Roger Miret through all eras of Agnostic Front. It’s shown in a back and forth style and switching between the two principals often. Both Vinnie and Roger get a lot of time to tell their personal stories and the story of the band they have kept together for 35 years.


On the personal front, the filmmakers, Roger and Vinnie get in depth about their entire lives up to the point of Agnostic Front’s beginnings. Roger’s family came over from Cuba during the revolution and traveled the country, looking for a steady home until they got to NYC. Vinnie, born and raised in NYC, lived on Mott Street his whole life. Somehow it all comes together with Vinnie starting Agnostic Front and after a few singers, Roger Miret taking over that spot for good. Hearing some of the stories are pretty harrowing but both came through it. It was nice to see snippets of both of their modern lives, so strangely somewhat “normal” compared to where they came from.

Where this documentary truly shines is the unseen footage from old shows at A7 and other venues. I was like, “Where did they get this stuff from?” Not just a couple of clips either, tons of edited footage put together for an onslaught to the eyes. For the music historian types, this footage is gold. Seeing some of the other rediscovered footage of old NYC news programs covering punk, “slam dancing” clubs and fashion were eye opening. I remember seeing some of that back then on TV and while most of it was a “warning”, it only caused me to go see it first hand more. There is also many personal photos shown of Roger and Vinnie, their families, the band playing and the scene around them.

After watching The Godfathers of Hardcore, whatever your viewpoints of Agnostic Front, Vinnie and Roger are, you might have to reassess it. This is a very deep character study that shows you that you are probably wrong about them. They are really just a couple of hard working guys that have stuck together through thick and thin, keeping their passion for playing hardcore music intact. By the end, many of my questions that I haven’t thought about for years were answered. Kudos to all involved, it is a solid and memorable film.

Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

My thoughts on The Black Panther (2018)!

r_blackpanther_hero_09b05dc9Films I watched in 2018: #34) Black Panther (2018) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

As everyone on here knows, I am an unabashed dye-in-the-wool Marvel Comics fanboy since I was a child. With that said, I passed on so many of the films that have come out in recent years. Leading up to those, these were getting less “Marvely”, too over done and more LCD to the minute. When I heard they were making a film on one of my all time favorites in the Marvel U, I had to throw caution into the wind and hope it just didn’t suck.

The Black Panther film is a combination of the old stories /villains from the 1970’s and the more modern version updated by writer Christopher Priest in the 90’s early 00’s. It captured one of the “make believe” places in the Marvel U very well. Wakanda is a mixture of old world and new high tech and it looks pretty fantastic.

I won’t talk about the film really because if you are a fan of the character it is pretty much all there, something for everyone. The causal viewer will get to see a different kind of comic book film for a change. Any “gripes” I might have with it is all concerning the lead character, The Panther himself. I have always envisioned no matter how much tech Wakanda has, T’Challa would just suit up in the regular ACME edition spandex and fight the baddies. The modern Panther suit is way TOO much and gives no suspense if he actually going to get hurt while in it. The second nitpick is the character is actually quite “dull” compared to many of the other characters presented, especially all the women. They wrote the female characters so strongly, the Panther doesn’t shine as much as he should. With every turn, they get the best lines and characterizations.

It will definitely gets more views from The Fiend but I will wait until the disc comes out. I might actually have to watch Civil War to see how they got The Black Panther to this film. Stay to the VERY end of the credits, looks like a character that was lost…is now found (again?).


FINAL! Dave K’s “Films I Watched in 2017”!

I initially had a goal of watching 365 films in 2017. Midway through the year, I knew I was having trouble. I wish i knew how some people actually do this, since time is fleeting. Mind you, I did attempt to watch more but some films were so bad, I barely made my way through a half hour of them. The vast majority of the films here were first time watches. I have a massive film collection and really need to get through these. My Fiend ‘O’ Meter ratings are as such:  getting a 7 is at the very least a recommend. An 8, 9 or the elusive 10 is a must see and you should get it for your permanent collection. Many discs “left the building” this year…many more entered. It’s a sickness…

Dave K’s Films I Have Watched in 2017:

#1) Zombie Fight Club (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter: 9/10

#2) Fences (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#3) Tangerine (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter: 8/10

#4) Tiger House (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#5) Neighbor (2010) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#6) Assassination (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#7) The Stratosphere Girl (2004) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#8) Franklin: A Symphony of Pain (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter 6/10

#9) SS Hellcamp (The Beast in Heat) (1977) Fiend ‘O’ Meter 4/10

#10) Phantasm: Remastered (1978/2016) *Rewatch* Fiend ‘O’ Meter 9/10

#11) On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#12) Tokyo Psycho (2004) Fiend ‘O’ Meter Says: 3/10

#13) Make Them Die Sleazy! (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter 7/10

#14) Sin Dejar Huella (Without A Trace) (2000) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#15) 31 (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#16) Massage Parlor Murders (1973) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 1/10

#17) Helga: She Wolf Of Stilberg (1977) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#18) Killbillies (Idyll) (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter 5/10

#19) Hell’s Caretaker (2013) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#20) Madame O (1967) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#21) Experiment In Terror (1962) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#22) Piranha (1978) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#23) The Woman Knight of Mirror Lake (2011) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#24) 3 A.M. (2001) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#25) Slaughter of the Vampires (1962) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#26) What Have You Done To Solange? (1972) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#27) Thanatomorphose (2012) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#28) The Glamorous Life of Sachiko Hanai (2003) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#29) Spider Baby (1968) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#30) The Loveless (1982) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#31) Naboer (Next Door) (2005) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#32) Shock (1946) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#33) See The Sea (1997) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#34) The Woman In Black 2: Angel of Death (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#35) Gun Crazy: A Woman From Nowhere (2002) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#36) The Shiver of the Vampires (1971) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#37) Possession (1981) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#38) Lower Level (1991) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#39) Subway (1985) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#40) Twenty Plus Two (1961) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#41) Repulsion (1965) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#42) Mexico Barbaro (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#43) Gurozuka (2005) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 3/10

#44) Variety (1983) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#45) Lady Street Fighter (1981) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 1/10

#46) The Last Best Sunday (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#47) Night Angel (1990) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#48) Lady Snowblood (1973) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#49) Siren (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#50) Tell Me Something (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#51) Kill Your Friends (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#52) Atroz (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#53) The Canyons (2013) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#54) Jungle Woman (1944) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#55) Champion (1949) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#56) Crazed Fruit (1956) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#57) To Have And Have Not (1944) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#58) Bullet Ballet (1998) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#59) Nothing But A Man (1964) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#60) Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#61) Night Of The Demon (1957) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#62) Five Came Back (1939) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#63) The Bunny Game (2011) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#64) The Narrow Margin (1952) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#65) Kuroneko (1968) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#66) The Lost Weekend (1945) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#67) Pale Flower (1964) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#68) Something Wild (1961) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#69) I Want To Live (1958) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#70) Two For The Seesaw (1962) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 4/10

#71) She Demons (1958) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#72) Above Suspicion (1943) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#73) Branded To Kill (1967) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#74) The Flesh and The Fiends (1960) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#75) The Love Witch (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#76) The Machine Girl (2008) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 3/10

#77) Brother of Darkness (1994) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#78) Lady Snowblood: Love Song of Vengeance (1974) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#79) Scorpion’s Revenge (1997) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#80) The King Of Pigs (2011) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#81) Assault Girls (2009) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#82) Ichi (2008) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#83) Angel of Vengeance (1993) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#84) Gun Crazy 2: Beyond The Law (2002) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#85) Saving Mr. Wu (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#86) Danger Dolls (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#87) Mother (2009) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#88) Angel Terminators 2 (1993) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#89) Demon City Shinkjuku (1988) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#90) The Devil’s Feast (2007) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#91) Rica 3: Juvenile’s Lullaby (1973) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 3/10

#92) Madam City Hunter (1993) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#93) SharkSkinMan & PeachHipGirl (1998) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#94) Witch From Nepal (1985) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 3/10

#95) Project S aka Supercop 2 (1993) *rewatch* Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#96) Outlaw Brothers (1990) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#97) City Under Siege (2010) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#98) The Isle (2000) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#99) Crime of Passion (1957) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#100) The Pope Of Greenwich Village (1984) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#101) The Blackout (1997) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#102) Black Kiss (2004) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#103) Only God Forgives (2013) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#104) Phantom Solders (1987) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#105) Red Angel (1966) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#106) Rows (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 4/10

#107) Special Effects (1984) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#108) The Eyes of My Mother (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#109) Demonlover (2002) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#110) Creepy (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#111) Savage Streets (1984) *rewatch* Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#112) Run Angel Run (1969) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 4/10

#113) Phantasm 4: Oblivion (1998) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#114) Sinful (2006) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#115) Frankenhooker (1990) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 4/10

#116) The Toolbox Murders (1978) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#117) The Films of Richard Kern: Hardcore Collection (2012) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#118) Never Take Candy From A Stranger (1960) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#119) Shock (1977) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#120) A Punch To Revenge (1989) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#121) The Untold Story (1993) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#122) Love To Kill (1993) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#123) Strip Nude For Your Killer (1975) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#124) A Bird With The Crystal Plumage (1971) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#125) Her Vengeance (1988) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#126) Days Of Wine and Roses (1962) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says 6/10

#127) Stark Fear (1962) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says 7/10

#128) Dragonhead (2003) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says 7/10

#129) Headshot (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says 8/10

#130) Logan (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#131) Worried About The Boy (2010) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#132) The Cry of the Owl (1987) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#133) The Rapist (1994) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#134) Thief (1981) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#135) Pit Stop (1967) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#136) A Lamb In Despair (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#137) Beyond The Gates (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#138) I Spit On Your Grave (1978) “Rewatch” Fiend ‘O’ Meter 9/10

#139) Wild Side (1995) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#140) The New Kids (1985) *Rewatch* Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#141) Ghost World (2001) “Rewatch” Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#142) Madame X (1966) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#143) Train to Busan (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#144) Magnificent Obsession (1954) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

145) Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood (1985) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#146) Face to Face (2005) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#147) The Butterfly Room (2012) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#148) The Dead Zone (1983) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#149) Black Angel (1997) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#150) Death-Scort Service 2: The Naked Dead (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#151) Taxi Hunter (1993) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#152) Fast Company (1978) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#153) Dead Reckoning (1947) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#154) Sucker Punch (2011) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#155) Dear Elza! (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#156) Streets Of Vengeance (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#157) Silver (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#158) Street of Shame (1956) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#159) Nowhere (1997) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#160) Nightmare (2000) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#161) A Bittersweet Life (2005) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#162) Shed No Tears (1948) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#163) Ayla (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#164) One Missed Call 2 (2005) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#165) Three Extremes 2 (2002) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#166) Time To Kill (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#167) Plank Face (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#168) Naked Weapon (2002) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#169) Francesca (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#170) Black Christmas (1974) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#171) The Theta Girl (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#172) 100 Tears: Director Cut (2007) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#173) The Hair of the Beast (2010) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#174) Flowers (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#175) The Void (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#176) Ringu 2 (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#177) American Psycho (2000) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#178) Tokyo Gore Police (2008) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#179) Devilman (2004) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#180) New Killers In Town (1995) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#181) Manhole (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#182) Raw (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#183) Scherzo Diabolico (2015) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#184) Office (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#185) Necromancer (1988) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 3/10

#186) Three (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#187) Crawl or Die (2014) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#188) Red Room (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#189) XX (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#190) The Transfiguration (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#191) The Skull (1965) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#192) Black Rat (2010) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#193) The Bride Wore Black (1968) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#194) Crimes of the Future (1970) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#195) Hidden in the Woods (2012) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#196) The Girl With All The Gifts (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#197) Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion (1972) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#198) The Sniper (1952) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#199) The Set-Up (1949) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#200) The Big Steal (1949) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#201) Somewhere in the Night (1946) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#202) Backlash (1947) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#203) Humoresque (1946) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#204) Cry of the City (1948) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#205) The 13th Letter (1951) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#206) Angel Face (1952) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 10/10

#207) Phantom Lady (1944) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#208) Odds Against Tomorrow (1959) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#209) Pursued (1947) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#210) Two Of A Kind (1951) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#211) AGP: The Song Of Solomon (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#212) Dreaming The Reality (1991) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#213) Framed (1947) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#214) Murder On The Orient Express (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#215) The Breaking Point (1950) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#216) The Face Of Another (1966) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#217) Human Desire (1954) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 9/10

#218) Sister Street Fighter (1974) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#219) Naked Alibi (1954) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#220) Unknown Pleasures (2002) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#221) The Incredible Melting Man (1977) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 2/10

#222) Hong Kong History X (2000) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#223) A Dangerous Method (2011) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10

#224) Chaos (2005) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 4/10

#225) The Villainess (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#226) Catfight (2016) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#227) Woman of Fire (1971) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#228) Snake Woman’s Curse (1968) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#229) Rebels of a Neon God (1992) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

#230) Black Angel 2 (1999) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#231) Red Cherry (1995) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

#232) Goodtime (2017) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 5/10

#233) The Bad and the Beautiful (1952) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 7/10

See you in 2018!


COEURS NOIRS Day 30: Gut (2012)

Gut (2012) film/Bluray thoughts… This choice for my COEURS NOIRS closer might be confusing to some, as it it always promoted as a horror film. The truth is Gut, directed by Elias is a psychological horror/neo-noir. One of my favorite indie films in years, Gut recently had it’s Bluray debut and I wanted to give it a once over again.

Tom is married with a young daughter but is “looking” for some else to make his life more fulfilling. The grass somehow is greener on the other side of the fence. His childhood friend, Dan, who he works with and is quite clingy, is upset they don’t spend time together anymore. Tom says he pretty much has moved on from “hanging out”, but Dan will not let it go. He tells Tom about a “film” he got off the internet and he has to view it, he has never seen anything like it. Since they used to like horror films together, Tom pretty much gives in. The “film” is a semi clothed woman strapped to a table who proceeds to have a scalpel cut methodically into her stomach area and is seemly killed. Tom can’t believe what he has just seen and tells Dan he is nuts. But sadly, Dan is a tad unstable and will not let his relationship with his old friend go.

Gut is dark and moody. While it’s a lower budgeted affair, all players and the director pull out all the stops to make this film extremely good. Jason Vail plays Tom as basically having a partial mid life crisis in his late 20s, becoming obsessed and trapped into the world of what is on the discs. Nicholas Wilder’s Dan reminds me of someone in my past, so I was able to relate to this character. I do also have to note the experimental music of Chvad SB, especially the end title theme, it sets the tone for this film completely. It’s bleak. Do order the Bluray of it if you can, the DVD is still available and of course GUT is on most VOD services.