PATRICK NAGEL: Favorite Artists That No Longer Walk The EARTH!

I have an absolute obsession with Patrick Nagel’s art, maybe it was being a teenager in the 1980s’ and seeing his (and sadly his knockoffs) work everywhere. Though by the time I was old enough to truly appreciate his work, he was dead in 1984. I love the flat colors and that he can take the same basic idea & turning it into something different each time.

While his art has been imitated many times over (I call them “Fake Nagels”), his style has never be truly duplicated. A true original and that is why he is one of my favorite artists of all time. Thankfully, his work has been duplicated in prints and book form, it is not too difficult to acquire. I am so happy to own four “real” poster prints and they hang in my office.

Patrick Nagel official site

Patrick Nagel wiki




I have know Robert Mars since my old NYC days (circa 1980s) in the hardcore/punk music scene. In recent years, we reconnected and I found out about his artwork that he has been producing. He takes bits of American icons, adds old newspaper/magazine ads and combines those with a back ground of an American flag or a quilt pattern to come up with each piece. These are usually very large works mounted on wood. Some of his more elaborate pieces have neon lighting installed.

I am amazed with each work and always look forward to the next. He is probably the most successful creative type I know as his work hangs in galleries around the country and in private homes and businesses. What I wouldn’t give for a print of his Deborah Harry piece, but these are one of a kind pieces of art. Hit the links and check out the masterworks!

Robert Mars main site

Robert Mars on Artnet

Robert Mars Fine Art on Facebook



Bryan SilverBaX ART!

Bryan SilverBaX is an Atlanta area artist who works mostly in the bold comic book style and produces prints, t-shirts, stickers, etc. I first met Bryan at Walker Stalker Atlanta 2015 and was first attracted to his art via his “Paint Pals” Stickers and trading cards. Each card/sticker is a spray paint can with a various character (from the comic book world and other media) on them. They are bold as hell and since I have a love for graffiti in general, I loved them. I do believe they are available on T-shirts too. Bryan is one of the busiest & fastest producers of quality art that I have seen. Do check out his site here: SilverBax! and be on the lookout for his new character Baku to invade the comic book world soon.