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CGs Film Reviews

From a House on Willow Street (2016) yeah this was not a good film. There are some great practical effects and creature design but its mixed with laughable CGI effects and characters that are so paper thin and just plain stupid.

The films starts out introducing our characters and their backstories just so they can then be used against them later on. The first half of the film is mainly characters walking around in the dark followed by jump scares. We then get an exposition dump that slows the film to a crawl followed by a third act that ramps up the action and gore.

The last act is where the film is at its best but the characters are so underdeveloped and uninteresting that it just didn’t grab me. I could see some people really enjoying this but not me. 2.5/5 stars.

Galaxy of Horrors 1h 45min | Horror, Sci-Fi | 2017 (Amazon VOD)

A horror/scifi anthology that reminded me of the film released last year called Patient Seven which was created by grabbing international shorts and creating a wrap around story to loosely tie them all together. As with any anthology you will always have a mixed bag with some shorts being strong, some being okay and some being terrible. Here’s the breakdown:

Eden – 2.5/5, IRIS – 4/5, Pathos – 3/5, Flesh Computer – 2/5, Eveless – 1/5, They Will All Die in Space – 4/5, Entity – 3.5/5, Kings – 3/5, Wrap Around Story – 1/5

There are some really strong highs and some really low lows. So overall I had a fun time but each story is very different from each other. 3.5/5 stars.

Quarries 1h 23min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 2017 (Amazon VOD)

This has to be one of the most generic backwoods horror films I’ve ever seen. Our group of women are all one note cliches and our villains are the most boring cookie cutter redneck family.

Everything just happens in the most boring way possible as there is no build of suspense and our so called threat is dispatched with relative ease. It doesn’t get more middle of the road than this. 2/5 stars.
Alleluia (film) 1h 33min | Crime, Horror, Romance | 12 November 2014 (Belgium)
A very disturbed woman goes on a date with a man who she discovers is a scam artist and has issues of his own. She quickly becomes obsessed and it all spirals out of control from there. Based on a true story this is a very dark and gritty film that has a very 1970s feel. 3.5/5 stars.

A Room to Die For 18A | 1h 24min | Horror, Thriller | 2017 (Amazon VOD)

This is a pretty terrible film. We then are given flashes of whats to come within the first 5 mins so this undercuts any suspense of what may happen. The performances are not good all around.

The young couple are pretty unlikable right from the start especially the boyfriend and the older couple are so uninteresting so we can’t engage with them either. What happens in the film is supposed to generate some kind of emotion but all I felt was sorry for the actors involved in this film.
Avoid! 1/5 stars.


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A Fiend On Film:

Films I Watched in 2017: #82) Ichi (2008) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 6/10 “The length of the film does the film in, samey story”


Jesse Midnitekrawlr:

The Legend of Drunken Master (1994)
D. Chia-Liang Liu
8/10 Just a fun martial arts film all around with great action sequences by Jackie Chan.


Jason Fetters:

Silmido, intense movie about the Korean Republic Army, in 1968, who forced 31 criminals and death row inmates to train to assassinate Kim Il-Sung. Very well done with a gripping finale.


Mando Ayala:

Master of the Flying Guillotine 8/10 – Openng scene will just grab you . Evil blind monk seeks revenge for his pupil death by hunting down a one- arm fighter.



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From Jesse Midnitekrawlr:

My Own Swordsman (2011)
D. Jing Shang
7/10 Fun and quirky, Yao Chen is a cute highlight to this action comedy!


Red Carpet (2014)
D. Park Bum-Soo
7/10 A porn director wants to go legit and falls in love in the process.


From Jason Fetters:

Hana-Bi one of my favorite Beat Takeshi flicks and you can see Beat currently in Ghost in the Shell.

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Chris Genro’s Film Reviews

The Lesson
1h 37min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 2017 (Amazon VOD)

A okay film that can’t decide whether it wants to be an art house or exploitation horror film. The performances are good here as we are presented with believable characters.

Our films starts out as a teen drama with two brothers living together. The older brother has a girlfriend and you have a setup for the typical love triangle. We then have the big switch in the film as our younger brother and his friend are kidnapped by a disgruntled teacher. They are tortured by the teacher who goes on long monologues and you wish someone would just shut him up.

The film definitely has a message and I’m sure there are people out there who can dig into what the film is trying to tell us. But the film’s concept is so drawn out and the climax had me rolling my eyes more than once I just didn’t care by the end. 2.5/5 stars.

Dig Two Graves (2017)

1h 25min | Fantasy, Horror, Mystery | Amazon VOD

A well shot and extremely well acted film that’s part revenge drama and part coming of age story. The acting from reliable character Ted Levine and relative new comer Samantha Isler is absolutely fantastic.

For some it may be a bit to slow to get to the point and the big reveal really isn’t that surprising but I was engaged all the way through. So its nothing to jump and down about but its a satisfying multi generational tale that I think will be passed over by many. 3.5/5 stars.

Psychos (2017)

1h 22min | Crime, Drama, Horror | (VOD)

A low budget drama/thriller with some okay acting and some pretty godawful acting. I actually enjoyed where the story went in the end what you need to endure to get there is pretty up and down in terms of quality. A couple of the actresses were actually pretty likable and did an admirable job with the dialogue they were given but the film is so clumsy in its execution its all a big waste in the end. This is a miss unless you absolutely love indie horror and need something to put on. 2/5 stars.

The Ritual (2015)

1h 20min | Drama, Horror, Thriller | 2015 (NETFLIX)

A very surrealistic dark fantasy with a very simple story but a not so simple conclusion. The acting is a little rough and the pacing a bit slow. Even with a short running time the film seems somewhat plodding which I’m sure may frustrate the average viewer.

But if you power through you will be presented with some pretty astounding cinematography and imagery. It’s like someone decided to smash The Cell and Silent Hill together and make it a European art film. The story become more interesting during the films climax but unfortunately we are let with lots of questions but no answers. So a mixed bag that I give 3/5 stars.


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