Looking for filmmakers for TENDER IS THE FLESH… a short film by Dave K.!

Brief for TENDER IS THE FLESH a short film by Dave K.

Hey peeps! I am working on pre-production for my next short film called TENDER IS THE FLESH, which I am looking to release in early 2019. Thematically, I want to be a homage to old Richard Kern films, specifically Submit To Me and Submit To Me Now. That style… but with a modern twist. It is going to be very graphic design heavy, with more of the frame by frame animations I tend to do. While I am going to be filming my own sequences here in the Atlanta area, I want to invite my film makers (and non-film maker) friends out there to join in.

TENDER IS THE FLESH’s direct theme is Morality In Decay. Sex, Sleaze, Death, Debauchery…you get the gist, with it being flesh/body horror related. I am looking for people to send me short film clips that you made of crazy things like gore, nasty visuals or barren lands with somebody just standing there. Weird street fighting, cemetery photography, burlesque… anything strange…. This is going to be a highly experimental film.

If you have shot a lot of film before and have cutting room floor stuff you never used that would be cool too. Literally looking for 30 seconds or less of footage/clips.

tender is the flesh cover

By submitting anything, you will get credited as a contributor in the credits. You are giving me free reign to edit it in the film as I see fit. You will also get a copy of the DVD when it is eventually made after the finished film is released on Vimeo tentatively in early 2019.

I am not putting out a deadline as this will be a long project and I will always be looking for material until I am ready with the final film. I will be constantly promoting for the rest of 2018 looking for cool stuff. The darker & nastier the better.

Any questions or to send your clips, please hit up my e-mail at: Grandnagus69@yahoo.com

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Films I Watched in 2018: NEW BREED DOCUMENTARY (2018)

Films I Watched in 2018: NEW BREED DOCUMENTARY (2018)

In the mid 1980’s, when I first started to get actively involved in the NYC hardcore/punk scene, one of the things I did was organize a couple of cassette tape compilations called “Live It Live” (parts 1 and 2 respectively), they were culled from donated live recordings from bands around the world, including some local bands. They got around but in the grand scheme of things, it went nowhere and the tapes were quickly forgotten. It did help me get my “foot in the door” so to speak and people started to know me through that. There have been hundreds (maybe thousands) of tape compilations around the world from the punk rock/hardcore world of the 1980’s but none are more famous than the NEW BREED tape comp that Freddy Alva and Chaka Malik put out in the 1989. If the “tape comp” was going to go the way of the dodo, it went out with a loud bang!

I have been lucky enough to be given an advance screening of my long time buds, John Woods and Freddy Alva‘s documentary on the NEW BREED cassette compilation. It has
been in the works for a very long time. The subject matter is one I am very familiar with as I was there when it first came out. The documentary talks to a few people connected to the bands on the tape and others from the scene at the time who where highly influenced by it. Since I knew about 80% of the people in the documentary personally, I wasn’t really surprised by the answers, their memories were pretty sharp. I really liked how the filmmakers cut in a ton of footage from places that were important to the scene that do not exist anymore, like See Hear (important fanzine/small press shop) and Some Records (probably the most important record store to ever exist). Haven’t
seen or thought about much of it in years. The film quality is low budget but hey it’s about punk rock, screw it. It’s what is in that counts.

All in all, this is another fine and important look into a music past that can’t be recaptured, only appreciated. On Saturday May 19th, there will be a screening out in Los Angeles with the filmmakers in attendance. Link is below. Hopefully, they will release this soon for the general consumption.

Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10



3 recent books on Punk Rock & Hardcore Music…

Book looks…Have been off from watching film for a bit to catch up on some essential reading. All three of the following I already have extreme knowledge of but time makes memories fade, so you kind of have to get reacquainted with the subject matter. Reading Roger’s book “My Riot” was a bit of a revelation. I never spoke to him way back then. I saw Agnostic Front play a few times. Never knew enough about the people in the band to form solid opinions on them. There were a ton of “rumors” of course… After reading My Riot, many of my ideas about him were pretty much unfounded. He had a rougher life than I but strangely in a weird way we both had similar paths heading into the NYHC scene. (I didn’t know he grew up much of his young life in the same area of NJ as I did. Talking about taking the PATH train into NYC, brought back a lot of memories) It is a solid autobiography that is eye opening to say the least. Actually, there is an event he describes in the book that I showed up to mere moments after it happened. I wasn’t happy about that night… AY YI YI!

Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History is the 3rd oral history by Tony Rettman. I had no idea this book was being made as I have really spoken to him since the NYHC hardcore book came out a couple of years ago. I am so close to the subject matter, I was really interested to see how it was put together. Previous attempts at books on Straight Edge were so lackluster but Tony knows how to do this documentary style well.
It covers the history and concepts of Straight Edge bands from the humble beginnings in Washington DC to the worldwide movement it has become today. I knew/know so many of the players here, I was looking forward to what they had to say. Wasn’t “surprised” by too much and there really was a lot of new info on some bands I only corresponded with back them (mostly the California bands). I detected very little BS here as much of what was said I remember as true. Again, there are many situations discussed that I was there for so…. There are also many photos culled from private collections that were never published and so many flyers from shows that even I haven’t seen. It’s a great book that belongs on your music history shelf for sure.

My Damage by Keith Morris is an in depth autobiography from the former singer of Black Flag and Circle Jerks. Another book I didn’t know existed until a few months ago and I was very happy to get a copy in my hands. Other than a few facts, I knew very little about the front man of two of my favorite bands of all time. he talks in detail about his upbringing, entry into the LA punk music scene and how his first two bands came to be. His telling of things is a very interesting point of view and I learned quite a bit of how “it went”. He doesn’t hold back and has regrets on some of things he has done in his life. I read this book and wonder how he is still walking among the living.

If you have any interests in old punk and hardcore music, all 3 of these books are high recommends from me. Now, let me get back to some movies….


My Riot https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072F5DLXH

STRAIGHT EDGE: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History https://www.bazillionpoints.com/product/straight-edge-a-clear-eyed-hardcore-punk-history-by-tony-rettman/#

My Damage: The Story of a Punk Rock Survivor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DWWCBEK