r_blackpanther_hero_09b05dc9Films I watched in 2018: #34) Black Panther (2018) Fiend ‘O’ Meter says: 8/10

As everyone on here knows, I am an unabashed dye-in-the-wool Marvel Comics fanboy since I was a child. With that said, I passed on so many of the films that have come out in recent years. Leading up to those, these were getting less “Marvely”, too over done and more LCD to the minute. When I heard they were making a film on one of my all time favorites in the Marvel U, I had to throw caution into the wind and hope it just didn’t suck.

The Black Panther film is a combination of the old stories /villains from the 1970’s and the more modern version updated by writer Christopher Priest in the 90’s early 00’s. It captured one of the “make believe” places in the Marvel U very well. Wakanda is a mixture of old world and new high tech and it looks pretty fantastic.

I won’t talk about the film really because if you are a fan of the character it is pretty much all there, something for everyone. The causal viewer will get to see a different kind of comic book film for a change. Any “gripes” I might have with it is all concerning the lead character, The Panther himself. I have always envisioned no matter how much tech Wakanda has, T’Challa would just suit up in the regular ACME edition spandex and fight the baddies. The modern Panther suit is way TOO much and gives no suspense if he actually going to get hurt while in it. The second nitpick is the character is actually quite “dull” compared to many of the other characters presented, especially all the women. They wrote the female characters so strongly, the Panther doesn’t shine as much as he should. With every turn, they get the best lines and characterizations.

It will definitely gets more views from The Fiend but I will wait until the disc comes out. I might actually have to watch Civil War to see how they got The Black Panther to this film. Stay to the VERY end of the credits, looks like a character that was lost…is now found (again?).



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