Tight Spot (1955) film thoughts… As I was looking for a film to close out the month’s viewing, I noticed this one on a TCM Film Noir Classics set I have. Ginger Rodgers in a lead dramatic role sounded good. She plays Sherry, a convict who apparently has been set up by the mob, has been taken out of prison by Edward G. Robinson, a US Attorney, in order to convince her to testify against the mobster Costain (Lorne Greene). Brian Keith is the man assigned to “break her down” and they are put up in a fancy hotel, thinking she will be safe there during this process. Little do the authorities know is that Costain has an inside man on the job (Guess who?) and proceeds to try and take out Sherry out. Will she testify? How many first class hotel meals can she consume before she makes her decision? You will have to see Tight Spot to find out.

I did like the film very much. It’s stage roots are apparent but that doesn’t mean it’s “stagey”. The actors are all great. Ginger Rodgers is chewing the scenery, along with the first class meals and Brian Keith plays his dual role out well. Everyone is in a potential no win situation which all will get sorted out in the end. Tight Spot is a definite recommend from the Fiend.


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