City On Fire (1987) film thoughts… Unbelievably, I have never seen City On Fire even though I have seen hundreds of Hong Kong films in my life. It is one of my favorite countries to see films from and his one came from one of the best era in their cinema history. Chow Yun Fat (of The Killer & A Better Tomorrow fame) plays Ko, currently an undercover cop who is slowly infiltrating a small crime syndicate who specializes in jewelry store robberies. During this time, he truly becomes close to one of the main mob guys and is a bit torn of his job. Meanwhile, he has to keep trying to make his girlfriend happy, who doesn’t know he is undercover. It’s a modern classic crime story that only the people from Hong Kong tell well.

Again, I’m really surprised that I never saw it. Ringo Lam has directed countless classics and this is one of his best. You can see the noir influence all over it, as many Hong Kong films of the era had. Ko doesn’t want to even finish the job, but his superior keeps him in. Super violence, male bonding and great pacing keep City on Fire on top. My only gripe is my own fault. I have the American Dimension DVD and its only audio option was English dubbed. You really cannot watch a non English film dubbed, doesn’t work, especially when all the voice actors were American. I need to find a proper version of the film and see it the way it was intended.


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