Crossfire (1947) film thoughts… Picked this up solely on a whim, surprised I saw it in a used bin while looking for DVDs. From what I read, it was the first B picture that Academy Awards recognized, with a few nominations (no wins though). The basic plot is about a group of war veterans still on duty on Washington DC. One, played by Robert Ryan, is suspected to have killed a Jewish man during a night of excessive drinking. One of the other soldiers is also suspected because he was with Ryan’s character but can’t remember where he was most of the night. So the police and the army guys seek out an answer by piecing together the night events. What was the motivation to randomly kill this man? Was just that, random or some more sinister? Hmmm…

The film’s overall themes is about hate and current with the time period, anti-Semitism. It gets pretty heavy handed with the dialogue and clearly Ryan’s character is a bad guy. It has a great ensemble cast of Ryan, Robert Mitchum, Robert Young, Gloria Grahame and others but even with all that talent in the room, for me, Crossfire seems a little pedestrian. It wasn’t that intense for me enough for the subject matter I guess. It’s worth seeking out for the cast though, they are all good in it.


One thought on “COEURS NOIRS Day 17: Crossfire (1947)

  1. This is an excellent film. In the original story, it wasn’t a Jewish man who was killed, but a gay man. Because of censorship standards of the era the story had to be changed.

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