Brick (2005) film thoughts… This is a film that pops up quite a bit in random film conversations though I never got around to seeing it. Brick has a very odd story structure, it’s a dark murder mystery all told through the eyes of high schoolers. You would think that would mean you are going to hear a lot of silly dank dialogue but instead you will find the words extremely adult and complex. Joseph Gordon-Levitt is Brandon, a loner type who has a flat demeanor. As the film progresses, you find that he once had a girlfriend he loved very much but she left him because he was so sullen all the time. The main story really starts when he gets a phone call from her six months or so after the break up, saying she is in trouble. Soon she ends up dead and he is determined to find who her killer is. The problem is in order to do this, he needs to make alliances with people he really, really wishes he didn’t need to.

I have to say, I might need to see this film again to fully grasp it. The plot and story structure is extremely complicated at times. All the characters are very well defined and the actors are solid in their roles. I do recommend Brick to all who like complexity in their films and ones that go into very dark and strange places.


3 thoughts on “COEURS NOIRS Day 15: Brick (2005)

  1. I really wanted to like this one because I’d heard so many good things, but I just couldn’t. The concept was interesting (high school murder mystery played straight), but that dialog was like a square peg being forced into a round hole for 2 hours.

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  2. Agreed on expecting silly dialogue. But it is suprising that a high-school neo-noir is actually pretty smooth and quick dialogue-wise. Several really intense scenes, intriguing story, and Gordon-Levitt is pretty great in this one.

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