Black Widow (1987) film thoughts… This is another film that when it came out, I never had any real interest. 29 years later here I am watching it for Coeurs Noirs, go figure. Catherine, played by Theresa Russell, is a habitual husband killer. She meticulously finds a very wealthy unattached man, slinks into their lives and marries them. So after following the same pattern of things, the husband mysteriously die and she gets all the money via the husband’s will. Debra Winger’s Alex, is a single Federal Agent who gets obsessed with odd death cases that nobody else wants to handle. She stumbles across two husband deaths that Catherine is attached too and tries to track her down. Her boss is played deftly (slightly sleazy and obviously in love with Alex) by Terry O’Quinn, he wants her to stop “wasting her time” with this nowhere case, but once another rich corpse turns up on the network, Alex is given permission to go after her.

This neo-noir is extremely well done across the board. Each lady’s character is definitively complete, both very complex. Catherine, who seems to be all together, has bouts of weakness and crying fits when things don’t go her way. Her plans generally go perfectly each time, but they fail she goes into a dark place of failure. Alex, has her own problems. She basically ignores every good time or good personal possibility for her life in order to “do her job”. She is the opposite of Catherine in the fact, failure just makes her more bold and determined.

The film is beautifully shot but has a weird narrative. They don’t show you everything, it’s like there are entire scenes that you would think you would see. They just skip over them like they don’t matter, you already know what happened, let’s just cut to the chase. All that aside, it’s a very good film.


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