Strange Impersonation (1946) film thoughts… I bought this DVD when Moviestop was going under, sadly I seemed to be the only one interested in. That is too bad because this is one really wild film that needs to be seen! The stunning Brenda Marshall is Nora Goodwich, is a well to do scientist who is working in anesthetics. Her lab underling, Arline, is very jealous of the relationship she has with another scientist. One evening, while Nora is “under” conducting an experiment, Arline mixes two chemicals, causing an explosion which scars Nora’s face. A couple of subplots come together, leading Nora to be able to have plastic surgery to become somebody else and plot a revenge…

I can’t go further on this as it will give away too much of this 68 minute tightly wound noir. The story is well done and some of the parts are wow moments. I’m really surprised I never heard of it before buying. The acting is great but I can’t really comment too much on the cinematography since I have the KINO DVD which is a restored version of the film. There are parts which I take they couldn’t fix, so the quality jumps around. In any case, Strange Impersonation is one to see. So much evil and jealous throughout this picture, I love it.


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