In A Lonely Place (1950) film thoughts…If I had to stop watching any Noir films not knowing how much a fantastic film In A Lonely Place is, I would be troubled for sure. Humphrey Bogart plays a picky screenwriter, between gigs, and gets an opportunity to write a screenplay for a hot novel. He doesn’t really want to but his agent insists. He gets a bright idea to invite the hat check girl at a local restaurant, who has read the book to tell him the story and he will write it from that. Before she leaves for the night, he encounters Laurel Gray, played exquisitely by Gloria Grahame. She is the neighbor next door and she the two together. The next morning, the girl is found murdered and all leads to Bogart. Grahame though provides an alibi because she did see the girl leave the apartment without him. The people are still not convinced and hound Bogart throughout the film. There is one problem though after Grahame’s character falls in love with Bogart’s…he tends to be extremely violent.

I can gush all day on this one. From the intricate story to the excellent acting from the top of the cast to the very bottom, it’s near perfect. I love how they tease the fact that Grahame’s character sleeps in the nude (without it being said, you just “know”) and she lights up the screen in every scene she is in. Bogart can go from light to dark in a second, you know it is all going to go bad for him, his character just has no control.

I had picked up the Columbia DVD of this but think I am going to be trading up the Criterion their next sale. It’s that worthy of a film. Loved it.


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