Raw Deal (1948) film thoughts… Poor Joe (Dennis O’Keefe), he takes the fall for his mob boss and after it’s set up for him to escape from prison (and escape he does), everyone is out to kill him. You see, Joe was promised $50,000 from Rick the mob boss (played with delight by Raymond Burr) and Rick doesn’t want to pay. Joe also has another problem. Two women love him, his main (neglected) squeeze and a social worker from the prison who wants to “reform” him. Through a series of events, they all embark on a trip to go get the money. Little do they all know the money….is just not there.

Yup, Raw Deal was a real solid film. A very tight setup, great dialogue and acting & some innovating film work and shots. It was surprisingly very violent too. Not much of surprise at the end but the journey getting there was excellent. I loved this one and will definitely revisit.


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