Too Late For Tears (1949) BluRay thoughts… While I gave my thoughts on this Noir classic last year: Too Late For Tears (1949) Film Thoughts , I bought the restored Bluray when it came out earlier this year. Sadly, Too Late For Tears had never been seen on VHS and DVD in a clear print, the public domain releases have not been kind to this amazing film. Due to the combined efforts, of UCLA Film & Television Archive, Film Noir Foundation and Flicker Alley, Too Late For Tears finally has a worthy release.

I viewed the Bluray of this dual release and was blown away on what they were able to bring out of the print which was available to work with. While it has it’s expected issues, the visuals are light years ahead of the crappy Alpha Video one I saw last year. Again, it’s not perfect like older films that the studios have been working on restoring over the years, it’s truly stunning that this exists. Audio is fine, the music over the opening titles is quite loud for some reason, but it’s all clean now.

The layout by Michael Kronenberg has a clean visual style, including many of the original graphics associated with the film. The booklet has a nice essay on TLFT by Brian Light. It is a Criterion-style release worthy of the price tag. I can’t complain about that because they brought this film back from the dead.

Absolutely do buy this. I have yet to see the other film Flicker Alley released at the same time, Woman On The Run (1950) but I’m sure the quality is as high as this. The unforgettable film now has an unforgettable release.



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