Blade Runner (1982) film thoughts… Hmm…where do I begin with this one. As volumes have been written on this film (and I have read many), I really don’t need to go into what it’s about too much. This is more about how long it has actually taken me to see this sci-fi neo-noir classic film. I am old enough to have seen this when it came out and I am a sci-fi kind of film person. I just never got around to it. A little of that is because of the various versions that have come out over the years. Which one to see? What would I miss. Blade Runner always went to the back burner. A few months ago, I picked up the 5 disc BluRay set from 2007, which included the version I decided to see, The Final Cut. From what I read it contains the director’s true vision, the way he wanted it. Now much of the time we have seen director’s rework films they made, but he never had final cut in the beginning, so I think it’s fair to give him a pass in this case.

For those who don’t know, the plot is mankind has created human replicants to perform tasks too dangerous for humans to do, such as working on other worlds in mining operations. Over the years, the manufacturers have made them more sophisticated and actually have been planting false memories and giving them emotions. Out of the last batch of these, four have escaped their work places and are killing people who get in their way of one thing… how they can live longer than the 4 year life cycle they have. Harrison Ford’s character of Dekker is a former cop, now working as a Blade Runner, one who takes out errant replicants, is tasked with the job of eliminating the 4. I am not wise enough to go through the many themes running throughout Blade Runner, so I will not try. It is a very deep film. Dekker is not a bad ass, he is actually freaked out by the situation he is currently in. He doesn’t even want to face it.

Even if it wasn’t such a deep and complex film, the visuals are so stunning, you can actually turn your brain off and just get carried along. No other film looks like this and now that I have seen it, I know all the others that have tried cannot get even close. My head spins just thinking about how they may have accomplished all of this. Without CGI. I’m sure the proposed sequel/remake that is in the works is going to cheap out and do everything on the computer. It’s a masterwork of set designs and effects. My eyes were darting all over the screen to hopeless try to consume it all. Definitely, a second viewing is in order soon.

If you haven’t seen this one, don’t wait as long as I have. It’s a classic work on many different levels. Glad I didn’t die before viewing. A must.

and now some photos of a special Blade Runner set released a few years ago, courtesy of Neil Brightwell!






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