Slam Dance (1987) film thoughts… Back when this film came out in 1987, I wasn’t the type to pick this one up off the shelf. Even with it’s eye catching movie poster and great cast, it didn’t connect with me. Almost 30 years have passed and now I’m finally seeing it…realizing I missed out on a very solid film.

Tom Hulce plays an popular cartoon artist named C.C. Drood who is married and is carrying on an affair with Yolanda, played by a young Virginia Madsen. Starts off simply enough, with scenes showing him being a mixed up fellow, always late with everything. The wife knows about the affair and they don’t live together at the moment. His life gets abruptly turned upside down when this lover is found dead and all signs point to him. Soon, he is caught in a very tangled web with the police, a hired assassin and his best friend, all focused on him hard. Can he put things right and solve the mystery of why all this is happening?

Slam Dance is a very well done neo-noir mystery that starts right from the beginning full speed and never lets up. Nobody is able to be trusted. The story is well written (complex at times but never confusing) and all the characters are fully realized, some very odd nuts. There was one character, the paid assassin, who I didn’t understand his motivations, I need to see it again to get a handle on him. I was only able to see this one on VHS but you can tell it was well shot and has that great late 1980’s look. Noted at the time by having musicians Adam Ant and John Doe in important roles and future Trek actors Robert Beltran and Rosalind Chao are here too in small roles.

I really did like this film and will be looking to get the most recent DVD/Bluray to add to my collection.


SLAM DANCE, from left: Virginia Madsen, Tom Hulce, 1987, © Island Pictures


SLAMDANCE, Tom Hulce, Virginia Madsen, 1987, (c)Island Pictures



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