Le Samourai (1967) film thoughts… 1967, the year of my birth, is a year of some great films and I discovered another. I picked up the Criterion DVD of this on the cheap and added it to the watch pile for this event. It take place over a period of a couple of days, where a hired assassin makes his hit and then has to consistently be on the move from the police and his employers. I do not want to describe this one further in fear you will lose the joy of seeing every moment fresh. The characterization of the lead, played by Alain Delon, and all his mannerisms are consistent throughout the film, regardless if it is to his own detriment or not (right down to he will only steal one particular model car to get around in). I finally understand John Woo’s films, The Killer and A Better Tomorrow, more fully as he explains in the booklet, that Le Samourai was very influential to them. The film has an odd, unique look and feel, it doesn’t appear “dated” even though it’s obviously 1967 era.

Just see it. It is neo-noir by definition perfectly. I am glad that I took a shot at something I might not have normally would have seen, but I am trying to open myself up to European films from that era more.


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