ABC’s Of Death 2.5 (2016) film thoughts… (Way) back in 2013, the people creating the ABC’s of Death 2, opened a short film competition for a director to be the letter “M” in the film. They received hundreds of entries, opening it up to open voting and a jury pool to decide the “M” for the movie. The winning choice of “M is for Masticate” for me, was a weak pick considering some of the stronger entries. Thankfully, they had the idea to put together another film to showcase some of the other very strong short films.

Since I was following the entries at the time, I did see some of them and “M is for Mailbox” by Dante Vescio & Rodrigo Gasparini & “M is for Matador” by Gigi Saul Guerrero were ones people really liked at the time. Some of my favorite entries here that I didn’t see before are “M is for Marriage” by Todd E. Freeman, “M is for Marauder” by Steve Daniels and “M is for Malnutrition” by Peter Czikrai. I am actually mind blown though that one of my favorites of the competition, “M is for Music” by L Gustavo Cooper, didn’t make it in here. Overall, the only short here I didn’t feel belonged was the first one, “M is for Magnetic Tape” by Tim Rutherford & Cody Kennedy (not that it was low quality, it was just not serious enough for me).

The ABC’s of Death 2.5 is a solid horror anthology that is currently only available on Vimeo for purchase or rent. I do hope they get this out on disc as I would love to own the physical copy & put it next to volume 2 (I didn’t care for the first collection, thought it was way too jokey and will never own it). I really feel that competition breeds excellence, gets you out there to do your best and create something interesting. I can’t imagine the turmoil that the producers had to go through to pick only 26 shorts out of 500+ to include in this film. It had to be tough, there is plenty of talent here. We definitely need more anthologies like this to promote film makers.


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