Organ (1996) film thoughts… Another one of those films I “heard” about but never was able to see. Thankfully, I was able to find one online new for a few bucks. To try and even explain most of what is going on would be a disservice to everyone. It begins with a couple of plainclothes cops infiltrating a illegal organ harvesting operation. One dies and his body is stolen by a biologist who is conducting weird experiments between plants and humans (he also seems to like his young female High School students to die for progress…) The main story is the cop who survived looking for his partner’s body and to eliminate the rest of the organ harvesters. Believe me, much, much more goes on….

Right off the bat, I loved this film especially the choppy editing and use of blown out film stock. It’s gory, gooey, has loads of extreme violence and sex (many times together) & has many artistic moments throughout…all need to be seen to be believed. The score is strange because it has a light feel, it hits you most when you are watching scenes of utter depravity. Death is a luxury in Organ.

I don’t have much else to say but to see it. It’s a perfect combination of art house and gore which many Japanese directors are well know for. This one will stay with you for a bit.


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