Sodom The Killer (2004) film thoughts… Can’t even give this a serious review as it is quite possibly the worst “film” I ever sat through in any genre. Two witches curse a king who had them imprisoned and killed for murdering this new bride. The curse follows the ancestors and creates Sodom The Killer, who wants to take over the world with dark arts and science.

OK that’s it. You don’t need to see this unbelievably inept production. How does a film maker make an “extreme” violent film with out bloodshed. There is NO special effects in this one. Guns fire a million bullets, all hitting their targets, no holes. Swords slice, same thing. They use a very obvious rag doll during fight scenes and a train is derailed…it’s a toy train. If this was supposed to be a joke, I didn’t get it, especially when they are selling this as some dark ass shit.

Literally the worst. The film makers and all the actors should have been dragged out of their homes and beaten after making this.


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