Art of The Devil (2004) film thoughts… I don’t know what it is with films from Thailand and me. They just never seem to be as solid as many of the other Asian countries around them. So many feel like tired retreads with low production values (not that that last part is a bad thing). I actually had bought all of the Art of The Devil series on DVD (there are 3) but have never seen any of them. Here, a young, very attractive woman, gets jilted by her lover after he finds out she is pregnant. What she didn’t know is that he already has a wife and family. So to keep her quiet (and literally “keep” her), he pays her off with 1 million baht. He proceeds then to treat her horribly and films a gang rape, with his business colleagues as the rapists. After confronting and demanding more money him, in front of his family no less, he beats her in an alley and tells her to leave. Time passes and the men who raped her all start to die off in mysterious ways. Then the father, which causes his estate to go to his family. The woman who the father jilted, reappears as the oldest son’s fiancee, since many years have passed, nobody even remembers it’s the same woman. Soon, members of the family start to die horrible deaths, which leads every one to believe it’s “witchcraft”….but who is doing this? Hmmm…

I was actually pretty disappointed while watching this one, it has a great premise that is more common with America films. There is some real grass roots witchcraft going on here and deaths it causes are pretty noteworthy. It’s just everything else in the film, from the acting, visuals and directing is so poor it negates everything. I actually struggled through this one more than some of the worst films I have seen in this genre. Now, I am torn if I even want to see the two sequels I put some money into or trade them away.

Another one of those films where a short You Tube video of best scenes will be enough to keep you interested. This is a pass for The Fiend.





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