The Family That Eats Soil (2005) film thoughts… Some times I see weird films that I like and you just have to be in the proper frame of mind to appreciate. I picked this up just based on the title alone, which you must admit is a stunner of one. After reading some of the front and back cover blurbs, it seemed like something I would normally approach with high caution, but since I was looking for films I hadn’t seen yet, The Family That Eats Soil looked to fit the bill. Why not? You only live once.

This is a look at a motley crew of a Filipino family’s life. As the title suggests, for all meals they eat soil. While it may be garnished with vegetables, it’s just soil. If that wasn’t weird enough, each character is then shown what they do in life…and it is some out there stuff. So out there that I am not sure what the film maker (Khavn) is trying to show us. They tend to speak in very long monologues sometimes making sense (the daughter goes through a rape scene in dialogue) and others, I really don’t know. It’s shot mostly hand held on the streets in a city in the Philippines and strangely many languages are spoken (This is an English subtitled film, not that it helps much!) The opening of the film is an insane mindblower though, a Claymation sense of a woman getting raped by a group of men and machines…whose “apparatus” gets progressively larger and stranger.

Describing this further isn’t important because The Family That Eats Soil is not a recommend for me. I am putting this up there with films like Gozo, Visitor Q, Gummo, etc… that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have to witness.


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