Chaos A.D. (2016) film thoughts… Sometimes I wonder what they put in the water down in the Tampa, FL area that causes people to get many tattoos, take off all their clothes and make exploitation films. When I briefly met Chris Woods at Days of the Dead in Atlanta this past February, I didn’t know at the time that this seemly mild mannered dude was really a very talented editor and maker of psychotic modern exploitation films. Appearances can be deceiving. Anyway, I was following the progress of his latest full length film called Chaos A.D. And was inspired to do some fan art which he liked. I was very surprised though that he asked if I wanted to see the film and review it. Such amazing opportunities don’t grow on trees so I took the risk of ruining my retinas for life…seeing what could irreversibly corrupt me and become a total believer in The Sleaze Box.

The film begins with introducing us to the main characters which we will be seeing throughout the film. There are three sets to focus on: A brother and sister going to a Halloween Party (Yes, the film is set on Halloween), A woman who has just killed her husband (no real reason given but I did notice the radio news program going mentioning our next president) and a politician who is on the cusp of winning the next election (he is a sleazy dude, like all politicians are). Within the first 15 minutes of the film, all are abducted by a group of psychotic killers (Bytch, Vixen and Uncle Lester), taken to an unknown industrial facility and the fun begins…and continues for the next hour and 20 minutes.

Wow. I don’t want to give away too much but I don’t know what else Chris could have put into his film. Nude people killing, nude people having sex, nude people dying… impaling, pants pissing, stabbings, urine drinking…I don’t need to go on really, you get the gist. What is really solid about Chaos A.D. is that it’s not just some “exploitation” film. At an 1 hour 40 min run time, that would get old really quick. There is an actual well written story and the actors (Lisa Marie Kart, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Cayt Feinics, Amanda Welch, Bob Glazier, all Tampa film regulars) are starting to come into their own. I loved all the setups and it made sense. He even keeps the main baddie in the film, a very tall muscle bound woman called Misery, just for certain scenes, coming out when something really heinous needs to be done.

With this film, Chris’s direction and cinematography are tight (the color schemes used are great and breaks up the scenes well). I really liked the outdoors scenes that he captures the actors and the blue sky, great technique. The music by Haniel Adhar & Toshiyuki Hiraoka sets a dark mood throughout. The shine is the editing which I think is Chris’s strong suit. People should be knocking down his door to get him to do their stuff. The gore effects are really good but being a very low budget film, there were a couple of times where I was like, “You shouldn’t have tried that.” That little gripe doesn’t detract from the fact that Chaos A.D. is a very well made film.

I’m all in on this one and can’t wait to buy a full DVD of it. If you haven’t seen one of his films, definitely start here, Woods and his cast of crazy actors are destined for bigger things in the indie film world. I would love for him to branch out and maybe make a Gothic horror film ala Vampire Lovers/Countess Dracula. Maybe even in black and white. I mean couldn’t you just see Krystal “Pixie” Adams arriving at the castle (walking I know, they wouldn’t be able to afford a carriage….). Look for the DVD release soon and BUY IT!

The film is done but they need help with some post-production funds. There are many things up for grabs, do check it out here: Chaos A.D. Indie Go-Go!


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