Marebito (2004) film thoughts… I have been wanting to see this film for a long bit since it’s done by Takashi Shimizu, the director of my favorite Japanese horror film, Ju-On: The Grudge (2002). This one thankfully goes into another direction and I have to say this film is the closest to “Lovecraftian” than any other. In the end, I was like, that guy got it right.

Masuoka is a freelance cameraman who works primarily on documentaries and news programs. One day, while filming a man commit suicide in front a group of people, he noticed something strange about the man’s eyes. It seems he “saw” something that terrified him so much to stick a large knife into his brain. At that point he becomes obsessed with it. So much so, he returns to the place of the suicide, a subway station, and somehow enters another world of a dream like state and death. He comes across a young naked woman…who just happens to be chained by her ankle to the wall. So what do you think he does? Hmmm…could it be he releases her and brings her back to the other world?

She “seems” to just be a young beautiful woman, but she doesn’t seem to have any strength and cannot talk. In one sequence has him “checking” her face and discovers she has vampire fangs. But it is real? That is the thing with Marebito, you don’t know what is real in Masuoka’s world. He seems like he is consistently trying to find something, never satisfied, always looking for “it” (A Lovecraftian theme right there).

I’m going to end it there, because I think this film is top notch and it needs to be seen and appreciated. If you have been looking for a Lovecraft themed film done correctly, Marebito is it.


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