Red To Kill (1994) film thoughts… Sometimes it’s amazing to even think about how some films get made considering the nature of them. I saw an article about this film and was able to track it down for viewing. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with Red To Kill and after seeing this CAT 3 insanity, I need to scrub myself with acid to get the sleazy grime off.

A social worker whose specially is working with the mentally handicapped, is asked to pick up a young woman whose father was just killed in a car accident. She brings the woman back to the group home, a bleak set of apartments in a even more bleak and rundown building. The head of the group home is a nice enough fellow but has a dark side. When he was a child, he witnessed his mother kill his father and brother with a meat cleaver (she caught the father in bed with another woman) and now the sight of red sets him off with a sexual and killing rage. He gets a fascination with the new woman because other than the fact she has the mentality of a 10 year old, she is actually a very attractive woman (Lily Chung, the actress who portrays the girl, really is put through the ringer in this film). One evening after seeing her perform a dance program in a RED dress, his true inner self comes out and repeatedly rapes her. When the social worker figures out what actually happened, she has the guy arrested. The ensuing court drama ends with him getting off because the girl cannot defend herself in court. This all leads to the social worker planning a revenge which sends this film into new heights of depravity.

Wow. This film can be a hard watch, especially the scenes of the group home and the brutality the residents receive from the “norms” who live in the building. There is very little happiness here. Nothing is left to the imagination when it comes to the rape scenes, the women are brutalized. They try to lighten it up a bit as they depict the psycho guy a little over the top but the themes of the film negate this quickly. There are obviously nods to Maniac (1980), the character has issues with his mother and women in general, he also is talking to his “mannequin” that he has in apartment.

This is a film that can lead to much discussion, so even though some will find it repulsive, it gets a super high recommend from The Fiend. I’m glad I was able to check this out and wonder why I haven’t heard of it previously. Very depressing.


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