Stacy (2001) film thoughts… Sometimes in order to see “the film”, you need to watch some of “those films”. I have been sitting on the fence for this one since it came out. I heard it was a gore fest but at the expense of being really silly. Throwing all caution into the wind, I decided to take the plunge into the film called Stacy.

In the near future, a weird virus/disease has consumed all girls on the planet between the ages of 14-16. It causes them first to be extremely and overtly happy (“Near Death Happiness”) and then they die. The next phase is they become zombies which the media has deemed to call “Stacies”. So the government has created a police force to deal with the epidemic, “Romero Repeat-Kill Troops”, by law the only ones to do so. The story focuses on two couples that are in love and what they have to face in the crisis, both of the women in the relationship are in the unfortunate age range. It all ends up very bloody for most as the only real way to “kill” a “Stacy” is to hack her into 165 pieces (TRUE!)

Sigh. While this film does have the amazing gore, it is so goofy and over the top. It has that look I hate, the made for TV, soap opera style visual, everything is too clean, etc. The girl zombies are played for laughs and there are many references to older zombie and horror films. There is even a “Blues Campbell Hand Chainsaw” for sale you can buy. For me, this would have been a way better film if they just played it straight with a much darker tone.

Well, the good news is The Fiend can put this one behind him and hopes to never think of it again.


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