X-Cross (2007) film thoughts… It seems like I owned this DVD forever and always heard mixed things concerning the film itself. The imagery on the sleeve tends to make you think this is one kind of film, but goes into another direction entirely. Shiyori is running from a broken relationship and her friend Aiko suggests this hot springs vacation spot. It’s a good thing she really wanted to get away as this place way out in the sticks. There is some weirdness going though. It seems the village has some folklore in their past and that men back then used to cut of the left legs of the women so they couldn’t leave. After having an argument with Aiko, Shiyori receives a strange phone call (coming from a cell phone laying on the closet floor!) warning her of impending danger. Right then, something is banging hard on the front door….

Ok, that will be as far as I go as this is a film to experience fully. It takes a bit to get going, there is a lot of mystery and character development they need to present. The film itself is set in chapters and they all intersect at times, a well worn story telling device that is needed here and thankfully doesn’t get too confusing. Being a extreme Japanese film, of course there going to be a bit of wackiness involved. That comes in the form of a strange woman who is bent on revenge, towards Aiko specifically, who favor very large scissors as weapons. This gets even more bizarre when she appears even later in the film with scissors as large as her body. As we gets towards the last chapter, off the rails is too kind a statement. I really liked the beginning mystery aspect X-Cross had, as there was much to pay attention to and it was involving. Once the film became an over the top affair, you think “What happened? This was good…”

X-Cross will be seen again by the eyes of The Fiend, so it’s a recommend of sorts. The fans of the crazy Japanese style of filming are going to love much of it. I just wish it kept its initial focus and they would have had a great Wicker Man style (which the influence is obvious) film…


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