Ebola Syndrome (1996) film thoughts… Wow. I have had this film on my list forever to see and even picked up the DVD a couple of years ago. “One day I will see that film everybody is telling me too…” Well, that one day has come. Anthony Wong (my favorite HK film actor of all time), plays Kai, a somewhat bumbling low level gangster. One day he decides to seduce his boss’s wife and is caught “mid-thrust”. It seems like the end of the line has come but through a quick series of events, he somehow murders the 3 people in the room and escapes to South Africa of all places. While working in a Chinese restaurant, him and his boss travel to an out of the way place where some weird disease is taking out the villagers. After raping an unconscious woman, he contracts the Ebola virus. The thing is the lottery of life has given him the 1 in a ten million chance of immunity and he is now a carrier. Kai wants revenge on society and they are going to get it!

So as outrageous as that all sounds, I haven’t even scratched the surface of the sleaze, depravity and disgust that the Ebola Syndrome is. It is a wonder to the ears and eyes. Wong cruises through this picture destroying everything in his path, knowingly and some times unknowingly, getting back at a society that doesn’t deserve the pain they are going to get. At times, it’s a little buffoonish but for the most part takes itself deadly serious. It’s extreme as they comes, graphic sex and gore come to you in buckets. I loved everything about it. After seeing this, you might not want to eat out, you never know what the secret ingredient might be…just might be the restaurant owner!

Not for the squeamish, Ebola Syndrome on every level gets the Fiend’s 10/10. Another films I will be thinking about for days afterward.



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