Perfect Blue (1997) film thoughts… Another one of those films I heard about back when I was still in NYC and I would read in the Village Voice and Asian fanzines, I just never got around to it. As I do love older anime, I wanted to finally sit down and check it out. Mima Kirigoe is a singer in one of those put together pop groups in Japan and wants to further her career. She gets an acting gig on a crime drama called Double Bind and things start to get weird for here then. She seems to unknowingly have an obsessed fan who has set up a fake web site which has been giving out false info mixed in with some truths. This causes Mima to go further into a unreal state. What is real? Did she really take those nudie photos for the magazine? When people around her start being murdered horribly, she begins to believe she might be doing it, but is she?

Simply put, Perfect Blue is one of the best dark anime films I have seen. It’s not for kids, with it’s scenes of extreme murders, implied rape and nudity. The way the script is, you never know where it is real or in Mima’s mind, you don’t get a break throughout the picture. I also loved the deep attention to detail like reflections in windows and the city scenes which are bursting with life. While sadly the print I saw was in English, that actually helped when there was background conversations and noises going on. It’s pretty much quality all around, you just need to brace yourself for the more extreme scenes.

A high recommend from the Fiend if you can get access to Perfect Blue. Luckily, I came across an unrated VHS tape widescreen. The DVD is out there but since it is OOP, the cheapest price I have seen it for is $25. I do want to add it to the collection on disc, so I hope to find it at a more reasonable price.


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