2LDK is a 2003 film directed by film veteran Yukihiko Tsutsumi that will entertain, shock, and captivate you by the end credits. This violent thrill ride stars the busty Eiko Koike playing Nozomi, an innocent small town girl who has recently moved to Tokyo to try her luck in the film industry as an actress. Her agent has generously provided a 2 bedroom loft for her and his other client Rana played by Maho Nonami. Rana is a sophisticated city girl, trendy and very knowledgeable of the ins and outs of the movie industry. These two polarizing roommates are trying out for the same movie role and are awaiting the directors final decision of who of the two will get the part.

That night claustrophobia sets in as the anticipation builds among the ladies trying to get through the evening and cohabitation. Nozomi, a neat freak scolds Rana any chance she gets for her untidiness and accusations are thrown around mentally and verbally. Rana retaliates by constantly bragging of her acting experience and bringing up Nozomi’s lack luster love life attempting to manipulate weakness. The cerebral abuse escalates among the two until all hell breaks loose!

Pill popping, chainsaw slashing, electrocution, toilet bashing, drowning, sword fighting, egg throwing, and more ensue. The result is utter destruction of the 2 bedroom apartment and balls to the wall climactic ending! This hyper violent dark comedy is highly recommended and at 70min. The experience will punch you in the gut and kick you in the nuts perfectly. 9/10

The Fiend says: “Check out Jesse’s You Tube channel for his reviews and short films here…”Midnitekrawlr’s You Tube Channel


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