Female Prisoner Sigma (2006) film thoughts… As sometime I buy Japanese films just because they are, I ended up with Female Prisoner Sigma a while back. Yes, as you can imagine this is a Japanese “Women in Prison” film but the cover of the DVD does the olde “bait and switch”. A lady, whose sister was sent to the prison for the attempted murder of her boyfriend, kills the boyfriend and asks to get sent to the same prison. Her reason? Her sister was killed in said prison and nobody is saying what happened. Seems extreme to do right? Well, it just happens at the same time all this is going on, a mysterious force that is going through the prison might actually have had something to do with it. Just what the hell is going on here?

As a film, this is really low quality stuff. Has the look of a soap opera and some really poor CGI. While there is some excellent scenes of debauchery, inmates being bound and whipped, excessive violence and abuse by the wardens, the whole thing falls flat and not as extreme as I would like it. What kind of “women in prison” film doesn’t have a shower scene? The two lead wardens really are the devils though, the look of glee in the head wardens face as he is using a riding crop on one of the unfortunate inmates is a wonder to behold.

I kinda liked Female Prisoner Sigma, but wouldn’t see it again. Way better films in this genre, a video of all the best scenes would be nice though…it would last a few minutes top.


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