Traffickers (2012) film thoughts… I never heard of this film before I blind bought the WellGo USA BluRay, it sounded interesting, a film about organ trafficking. Sort of like those “urban legends” you heard about people waking up in a bathtub missing a kidney. The plot is a small group of men have been doing this for years until a huge mishap ends the life of one of them. A few years later, the story picks up with the group dealing drugs and other illegal commodities to stay in business. The leader is love with a cruise ship ticketing agent, who pays him no mind due to his shady business practices. That is until her father needs a new heart and she turns to him for help.

As cool as the story and themes are in Traffickers, the length of the film (I know all Korean films are at least 2 hours…) and the convoluted pacing, drags this one down in the end. There are so many flashbacks I couldn’t keep up with it. It could have definitely been trimmed down a half an hour, especially after when I would consider “the ending”. This is not to say there isn’t a reason to stay with it. The sheer nastiness of the characters can be a joy to witness. The “doctor” they hire to do the operation is one of the sleaziest people you wouldn’t want to ever meet. One scene has him licking the breast of his unconscious victim and it is done so nonchalantly, you are just like, “Damn!”

If you can find this one cheap (which thankfully, most WellGo Titles can be found so), pick it up. I personally don’t feel it is a strong enough film to watch over again. It has the bleakness I like in my films though it’s too long and too much to pay attention to.


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