A couple of years ago, a group of folks started up a arcade video game/pinball convention here in Atlanta, which I attended. Loved it but missed last year’s show. I was determined to get my hands on some of my favorite pinball machines again, even if it was a for a brief moment. This year’s show was larger and much more varied that the previous one I was at. My heart is in pinball, so while they had classic video games (consoles and arcade) and board gaming, I only was there to play the silverball. Since a convention like this is dependent on people to actually bring their personal machines to it, each time it will vary with the amount and quality of the machines. Your heart sinks when you go to play a particular machine and it’s been turned off due to a wide variety of issues. You always have to remember many of these machines are 30 years old and have been hammered with use. I did get to play my 2nd favorite pinball of all time, Mata Hari, which surprisingly they had two! They tried to group together machines by era and did a great job of it. Having beautiful machines such as Space Invaders, Fathom and Centaur right next to each other would have probably never happened in 1981, but in this “fantasy” arcade they can.

I never take these shows for granted as they are truly interactive and keep your interest. Sadly for me though, I only last a couple of hours after I have had my fill and the crowds start to get bigger. Plus I really have little interest in the over done newer machines and the all video pinball. There are a lot of folks into this and I’m glad the appreciation for the old pinball machines is growing. It’s an expensive hobby, one I cannot afford, so the once a year I can go down and jam on some these…I am grateful. Go to the site here: Southern Fried Gameroom Expo for more info.

See all the photos I took here: My photos of the SFGE 2016!




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