No time for full reviews this week but I wanted to share three films that I have seen for the first time.

People’s Hero (1987) from Hong Kong is one I missed during the glory days of when the film making there was top of the class. Ti Lung and Tony Leung star in this pretty tense crime drama of a gangster stuck in a bank during a botched hold up by two others, As he was fixing to leave the country that afternoon, he needs to figure a way out and gets deeper and deeper in the hole. Excellent performances/situations all around and as understated as the film is, the ending comes as a shocker in it’s violence.

The Lady From Shanghai (1948) Excellent film noir starring Orson Wells & Rita Hayworth about a “chance” encounter which leads to passion, deception and death (what else?)…so much behind the scenes drama happened, which you can do a search and read more for yourself, but this film is really worth seeking out. I have yet to see a film from this time period have more intensely strange characters in it. Everyone is so CREEPY. The filming style and editing is so odd at times. After seeing this and Touch of Evil (1958), I can see why the studios really didn’t like dealing with him, he always wanted to do crazy things on screen, The Lady From Shanghai is a classic case for this.

Shutter (2004) This was one of the films in the early 2000s that Hollywood took and remade….I wonder now if the remake is actually better than this slow and plodding tired retread of a film. One night a couple are driving their car and hit a lady in the middle of the road. Guess what happens next? The spirit of the girl starts to haunt them. The guy is a photographer and starts finding her image in all the photos he has taken. Of course, we find out he has done something to this lady in the past that may or may not have lead to her death. Who knows really? It’s just an excuse for wet creepy girl stuff and cheap jump scares. I am really surprised of all the good reviews I have read on this film in the past. Avoid.


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