Let me know of quality film reviewers such as these so I can link to their writings!

Diary Of A Deadbeat Review by Darrell Marsh/Beneath The Underground

Nina Forever (2015) review by Bill Meeker

Hush (2016) review by Bleeding Critic

Darling (2015) review by Cauwel3

Brews and Views Ep 5 reviews by Jesse Midnightkrawlr (The Corpse of Anna Fritz, Gore Whore, Among the Living, All Night Long 1 & 2, Atrocity, Crazy Lips, Some Call it Loving)

ALLÉLUIA (2014) review with Bleeding Critic

The Enemy (2013) review by Admit One Film Addict

Martyrs (2008 & 2016) film comparasions by Jonny Numb


2 thoughts on “FILM REVIEWS OF THE WEEK! 5/13/16

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