Now where have we heard this before…a bullied school girl Rin on her 16th birthday finds out that she is a “mutant”. After seeing her parents killed in front of her (her father is the one who passed on the mutant gene), her latent ability of growing a huge clawed hand, complete with musical strings (?), comes out. Bent on revenge, she loses controls and massacres much of the town. Feeling out of sorts on this newly discovered talent, she is taken in by a similar group of mutants. Rin soon finds out their leader is actually a power hungry mutant bent on resurrecting an old powerful god to help reign down death and destruction on the earth. Then Rin takes it upon herself to stop him.

No 2010’s Mutant Girls Squad is not going to win any awards for originality, even within it’s home country of Japan where it was made. I’m still not the biggest fan of the over the top anime style, even the gore hound in me finds the gushing geysers of blood silly. Some of the character designs are interesting, I guess you have to give them credit for coming up with a chainsaw that comes out of the ass and breasts which reveal katana blades. The main problem visually is when you see this on BluRay like I did, it reveals the “cheap” rubbery look of everything. The shot on video, clean digital look doesn’t help either. I guess it says something though that I stayed with this film all the way to the end. It kind of keeps you wanting to know what they will show next and how they will end it.

If you like Japanese films, especially the crazy ones that makes no sense on any levels, you will love it. Everybody else, approach with caution, your mileage will vary immensely.


One thought on “Mutant Girls Squad (2010) film thoughts…

  1. That probably is the curse of modern day technology. It is harder to make things look realistic when the images come through nice and clear for the audience. Thanks for sharing.


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