After Hours (1985) film thoughts… Here is a film that I never seen before and has been on the list for way too long. You would think that within the 31 years of After Hours’s (directed by Martin Scorsese) release that I would have caught it at some point. Nope. Especially this ex-NYC kid that loves films made in NYC? Nope. In any event, I finally popped in my DVD that I picked up a while back and sat down to see this excellent dark comedy.

Griffin Dunne is a uptown business type who doesn’t get around too much. A chance encounter after work with Rosanna Arquette leads to his traveling down to the wilds of SOHO (for those who do not know, SOHO is the area of Manhattan known as “South of Houston”). From there, it just gets worse for our young man. He meets a various motley crew of characters and the web he is weaving for himself is getting thicker. Every encounter leads to another which compounds on itself, leaving him to be literally “running for his life” by the film’s mid point.

I am not a “comedy” guy but I do though like films like this where the script is so well done, that it doesn’t matter the genre. So much of it is low key and the way the story flows with one event affecting another is excellent. The during the week, after midnight SOHO that Scorsese depicts circa 1985 is entirely accurate. Nothing moved and it was vacant up and down the streets. I chuckled though when the scene where he doesn’t have enough for the subway fare…it’s didn’t go up to $1.50 until 1995! (During the “time” of this film, the fare was .90, he would have been able to to go…..but then we wouldn’t have a film right?) The acting is excellent and the characters were true to life in my eyes, I met people like this during my years in the city. There is also a line in After Hours which references a past Griffin Dunne film which I was like, “I wonder if anybody else caught that…”

I loved it. As I have been watching more and more of the odd Scorsese films over the years, I do recognize why people like and revere him so much. After Hours is an odd duck that you should get around to seeing already.


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