One thing I really became enamored with over the past few years is visiting old cemeteries. It is something I was always creeped out by since a child. In the City of Linden, NJ where I grew up, we had two famous cemeteries Rosehill & Rosedale (The Mercedes Benz tombstone is there: Mercedes Benz Tombstone) that when I was a kid, spent a load of time in. Much later, I was stuck in Rosehill around midnight (long story) and that kinda freaked me out enough on cemeteries.

Since this is were most of us are going to end up, I started having a morbid fascination going to these places. I love old stone work and tend to head to ones with headstones older than 1940. Now that the weather is getting nicer, I have to start hitting them again soon and take more photos.

Here is some of what I have taken so far… (Click on the photo to get there)

Stone Mountain Cemetery 8/16/2015


Southview Cemetery Covington, GA 6/27/15


Old Shadowlawn Cemetery 6/6/15


Rest Haven Cemetery Monroe, GA 10/24/14


Historic Decatur Cemetery 10/16/14


Historic Oakland Cemetery Atlanta GA 10/1/14


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