Welcome to my new site THE MAGNIFICENT WORLD OF DAVE K. I have been trying to get my crap in order for a long time and having a site/blog like this will be able to have everything I like and do in one place. Facebook and Twitter are fine for getting the “word” out but as I try to actually do more as a designer, podcaster, etc…I need to have this. For those who don’t know, I’m Dave K. (my “Handle” that was given to me in 1990 during my NYC punk/hardcore music days.), live in the Atlanta, GA area and I like art, graphic design, music, film, photography and other odd things. I will be posting things related to my interests in these topics, if you are looking for politics, sports or other mainstream topics…seek out those things elsewhere, I’m not interested. As I build on this, you will see the sidebar grow with links to excellent artists, podcasters, film makers & reviewers and musicians. Check them all out as I feel they are doing the best stuff going. I have a link in the top corner to my art for sale and my current Horror Film Podcast is on the sidebar. Follow this blog for updates and find me on the social media networks posted. Thanks for check it out!


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